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Eligibility Criteria

Applications for UWC 2022-2024 places from Greece are Now Open!

Deadline for application: 10 January 2022

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The fundamental principle in UWC selection is that each student is ranked for selection on personal merit alone. In other words, during the entire selection process, you will be judged only by your personal abilities, strengths, achievements, and the potential you demonstrate and not by your family's financial or social status.

You will need to show strengths in areas outlined below if your application is to be successful. These areas are all important if you are to gain from, as well as contribute to the UWC experience.

  • An understanding of UWC ideals and its mission
  • A commitment to leadership through service to others
  • Social responsibility and a commitment to your country
  • Tolerance, adaptability and signs of integrity and strength of character
  • A preparedness to live away from home and an appreciation of the challenges of living in an intense and multicultural setting

To apply to UWC from Greece you must meet the following criteria:

  1. be a citizen of Greece or long term resident (minimum six years) who is currently attending the Greek educational system
  2. be 16 years and not more than 18 years old by September 30th of the year in which you are applying
  3. currently be in the first or second year of Secondary school (at least A’ Lykeiou) or equivalent (Year 11/12 for those in British curriculum schools, or Grade 10/11 for those in American curriculum schools)
  4. have a good academic record
  5. have adequate English language communication skills (English language proficiency is not an eligibility requirement but basic skills are needed if the students are to fully benefit from the programme

For non-long term residents:              

We strongly encourage you to apply to the national committee in your country of citizenship.

If you are unable to apply in your country of citizenship because you do not meet the residency and/or schooling criteria of your national committee, you may apply through the international quota system. If in doubt, please contact us or the UWC International Office directly.

Please check COVID-19 updates