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Who can apply?

Visit the Eligibility criteria page for details.

What is the application process like?

Visit the How to Apply section and download the Application Form.

What are the selection criteria?

Visit the Selection criteria section for details. 

Is there scholarship support? What do scholarships cover?

In most cases, yes. Details of scholarship cover will vary and will be announced in January of every year. In most instances, scholarships will cover 50-100% of tuition and board for the full two-year programme. Travel and personal expenses will almost always require a contribution from parents.

UWC Greek National Committee fundraises locally to supplement the scholarships provided by UWC International. Therefore, you are strongly encouraged to apply even if your family is unable to contribute.

How are UWC scholarships funded?

The scholarships are funded in part by UWC colleges and schools and in part by the UWC national committees through donations received from various sources. UWC donors include parents of students, alumni, philanthropists, corporations, governments and individuals.

Does it matter that I am not fluent in English?

No. Do not be discouraged from applying to UWC because of a lack of fluency in English. It is not a requirement to apply. Your English proficiency level will be evaluated during the selection process however to determine whether you have the basic communicative abilities you need to fully benefit from a UWC experience.

Can I attend UWC for only one year or transfer into a UWC from another IB school for my last year?

No. At the pre-university colleges, the UWC experience is two years long. There are no opportunities for transfer into or between the schools/colleges.

Can I apply for only one of the places/scholarships? In other words, can I apply to a particular UWC college or school?

No. When you apply, you are showing interest in the UWC movement as a whole. Applications are therefore for the range of scholarships or places on offer UWC Greek National Committee will decide which successful applicant is best suited for which UWC college/school.

I live in Greece but am not a citizen nor long-term resident of Greece. What should I do to apply to UWC?

Firstly, you should check if you are eligible to apply in your country of citizenship. If you are not eligible to apply there, you may apply through the international quota/direct application system. See the bottom of the selection process page for more details. Please note that if you are eligible to apply in your country of citizenship but missed the application deadline, UWC International will not accept an application from you through the international quota. Also note that applications deadlines vary from country to country and may be as early as December in some.