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History of UWC Greece

Greece is one of the first countries to join the Movement of the United World Colleges. When the gates of the Atlantic College opened in 1962, at Saint Donat’s Castle in Wales - a medieval castle loaded with history, the first of the 18 up to date UWC - the first Greek scholar was there. This was owed to an English nobleman, a lover of Greece, Sir Derek Dodson, who in collaboration with Alexis Dimaras and Virginia Tsouderos, created the first Greek Committee that numbers 55 years of its existence.

During these years the Committee has helped more than 120 young Greeks to attain a remarkable learning experience. The Committee consists of volunteers, many of who are graduates or parents of graduates of the UWC. The main responsibility of the Committee is to select the students to attend the UWC, a task that requires expertise and dedication. Another of its aims is to promote and spread the profile of the UWC Movement in Greece, to make the Movement known, and to support the scholars, before and during their studies.

Sir Derek Dodson first set foot on Greek soil, at the age of 20, falling by parachute in Pertouli, during the 2nd WW to assist the Greek Resistance. He also was one of the first to march in Athens the day the occupation troops left. Later, Sir Derek, served as Attaché in the British Embassy in Greece and as Ambassador in Turkey, Brazil and elsewhere. His bonds with Greece were strengthened even more, when he met his life companion and wife Rania Papadima Dodson. Sir Derek, not only brought the UWC Movement to Greece but also saw to the raising of funds for the scholarships. He was always present during the selection process, with a keen interest to choose the best candidate. Just as the pioneer of the Movement in this country fell from the sky, with courage, faith and love for Greece,  and  wanted to inseminate the Greek children with the high goals of the UWC for a peaceful and prosperous, sustainable world, likewise we carry on his vision and work  systematically to make the United World Colleges fly high.